Caregivers For Cancer Patients Need A Break

nurseHaving cancer is an exhausting journey and at times, we forget how difficult it can be for the caregiver. At times, they simply need a break and this is especially true when the patient is at a more severe stage. If the patient is facing terminal cancer the need for a break for the caregiver is even more important because often they are suffering from lack of sleep on top of it all. One great thing people can do for caregivers is to hire a medical transporter at Air Ambulance Network to care for the client and take them to their treatments. This is a very thoughtful thing to do as it can give the caregiver time to do things they want or need to do.

Cancer treatments whether they are chemotherapy or radiation can be exhausting endeavors. When it comes to chemo it often takes place once a week for many months and takes hours each visit. Radiation is a bit different as it can be every weekday for six to eight weeks which can be incredibly exhausting for the patient and the caregiver who must drive back and forth. Sometimes the caregiver is even still working a full-time job while the therapy is going on and this makes it nearly impossible to even help. That is where transporters come in because they can be a caregiver to the patient and also transport the patient to and from the needed therapy sessions.

caregiverIt is important as a caregiver that you remember it is always ok to reach out for help because no one should have to go through this difficult time alone. Certain elements might even be covered under the health care insurance policy and it is important to check to see if that is the case as well. When you are using a transporter/caregiver to take care of your loved one and don’t forget to take care of yourself. That means to do the things you normally would do to enjoy yourself it will help keep your mood in a better place. For instance, go for a walk, have lunch with a friend or even simply take a nap, take care of you. It is impossible to take care of a cancer patient if you become run down yourself. Once you are more comfortable doing this it will make things easier and don’t be afraid to see a counselor or talk to someone during that time if it is helpful.