How to Get to the Dentist Without a Car?

dentistWake up with a horrendous toothache only to remember your husband has the car and you can’t get to the dentist? To make matters worse the weekend is coming up and it really hurts. No need to worry, all you need to do is call for a medical transporter and they will get you to and from the dentist. They will also help you with anything else you might need medically speaking even when your car is in the shop. It is their job to get you where you need to go in a safe timely manner.

There is nothing better than calling up and getting the door to door service, in fact, it even allows you to relax instead of concentrating on the road while you are in such great pain. If you need them to come in with you some will even be able to offer that extra service and they are friendly too. Even if the dentist is a mile away, you are in no shape to walk with that horrible pain so they will be able to help you get to your destination the right way and without incident.

The drivers are always trained so that although it is non-medical they would know what to do in the case of an emergency. They should always have a clean driving record and up to date insurance. It is important that you feel comfortable with them being able to take you places. If you don’t then call for another driver but nearly all are very friendly people who would not have taken on this type of a job unless they liked people. Feel free to ask questions of your driver and when you book your next appointment. If it is not an emergency it is always helpful to book the ride ahead of time. This helps the company to be prepared.

paramedicsBeing a medical transporter is a great job for the driver and you will definitely enjoy the convenience of being able to go somewhere when you are in a bind. It is also a service you can use at any time and sometimes it is simply easier than driving somewhere yourself especially if you are out of town. Just make sure the company you work with is bonded and insured because that is your assurance that they are a good company to work with. Not having to wait until Monday for someone to look at your tooth can save you a royal head and toothache. No pun intended there but the faster you get seen the sooner you will be able to go out and start enjoying life again.