What kind of camera do famous YouTubers use?

What kind of camera do famous YouTubers use?

When you are watching the video of your favorite YouTuber, you might be thinking about what kind of camera they use. They use that camera which performs several tasks like editing, music adding, and many others.  Lots of famous YouTubers start making their video with shoot camera or mobile phone to record but later on when you get more viewers they buy the best camera. One of the best YouTuber is Dolan twins, and now the question is that what camera do the dolan twins use? They use Canon EOS Rebel T6i, which is used for vlogging or taking an Instagram selfie. The camera has some advantages and disadvantages. Let’s discuss them:

Benefits of Rebel T6i

  • The camera is best for vlogging as the YouTubers use to make lots of vlogs to attract viewers
  • Awesome picture clicking and best for those people who like traveling
  • While shooting is outside, then it may not pick up the wind sound
  • Easily affordable and record up to 1080p video quality
  • Record the video in all the conditions like a dark room, night, or dim light
  • Latest feature is flip screen

Disadvantages of Rebel T6i

  • According to some vloggers, it has no drawbacks.
  • As there is nothing that should be perfect if it has its pros so, it might have some cons also.
  • The camera is not perfect, but best for vlogging.
  • For some people it may be expensive but whereas some people explain it as affordable.
  • Sometimes the stand of the camera breaks down, and the vloggers face some problem in the shooting.

So, these are some advantages and disadvantages of Rebel T6i camera. While you have decided to buy it, then you can buy it from online stores because online stores provide lower prices as compare to local stores. Make sure that the camera is of the original brand.




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