Understand the Value of Currency in Royale High

Gaming is one of the best ways for fun, and in the gaming market, various mobile games are added. Today the most downloaded game is Royale High, and it is based on high school life. The players will make new friends, and the game is open for all the players. We will see enormous customizations like clothes, wings, shoes, hats and many things. For using them, we have to collect much amount of currency, and we can smartly use the Royale High Cheats for grabbing diamonds.

Major currencies of the game

The players should know the actual use of currency and types. In the game, diamonds and passes are useful for speed up playing. Both are effective for purchasing items by the game shop, and the high amount of currency is vital for long play, and here we will give the general details about the currency.


Diamond is the prime currency of the game, and they are for buying many things to upgrade the characters. In the beginning part, the players will get around 300 free diamonds to perfectly start the game.  Challenging tasks are available for more fun, and we can also earn diamonds for leveling up in the game. 


Different options are available in the passes, and we can speed up our playing experience. Anyone can get them by spending some amount of robux currency. For robux, we have to pay real money, but you can add them freely by choosing the Royale High Cheats.

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