Rules of Survival-Some Essential Tips for Beginners

Rules of Survival-Some Essential Tips for Beginners

Like every other multiplayer game in the market, this game is somewhat different if we compare it with others. This game is a collection of everything that a multiplayer game lover needs. With such great features and gameplay, this game come in so handy and can be easily installed on your device. It is available for both Android and iOS platform and one can easily find this game in the top grossing list of games. You can connect with your friends and you can play with them by building a team. You can even play solo against hundreds of players.

It can be hard for beginners to play these types of games. If you’re going through such hassles then we’ve come up with some basic tips and trick that you should know before getting started, so by getting Rules Of Survival Hack.

1. Find Your Suitable Controls

Once you’ve started playing you’ll come across default controls that are selected by the developers. But you can change these controls by accessing settings and get into controls option. Here you can change these controls from a number of controls or you can make your own control that suits your gameplay. Moving with some awful controls can be a bit difficult and results in an early knockout from the server.

2. Look out for Dropping Points

When you’re on the plane, keep an eye on the dropping points of others. Others refer to your other teammates and once you’ve figured it out place your pin near a good area with lots of buildings. You should go as fast as you can because once you’ve opened your parachute early in the air then it will increase your dropping time and it can be dreadful. As other players may drop at the same spot and loot the buildings before you and possibly you can be knocked out early.

3. Make a Looting Priority

You should always look for things that you need and don’t just pick up everything you see. Look for the particular accessories for your gun or rifle whatever you’re using. Look out for ammo and healing things to fill up your backpack with these. Some Machine guns and rifles can help you a lot if you’re having scopes that magnify your targets. Try to pick up efficient things as there is a limited space in your backpack.

4. Memorize every area of the map

There’s loot all over the map if you know at which particular places it is situated. This can be a lot of help if you try to remember the whole map. Explore as much as you can in order to remember as much as you can and look for loot places and vehicles. Once you’ve remembered much places try dropping your player on such places and it will surely help you a lot.

5. Always be on the move

Always keep on moving when you’re playing and don’t only because of the shrinking area but because if you are on someone’s target and you can be easily shot if you’re stable. If you keep moving then it will be hard to shoot you. Also, if you stay at one place for much time then the poison will spread and you can die.

Bottom Line

This game is perfect for players who love such shooting games. This is a pretty easy game but you can’t master it easily and you’ll need some tips and tricks in order to master this game. If you’re facing some issues while playing then this guide is for you and you can use the above-mentioned tips and tricks.

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