Police selection is one of the toughest process in police service to the country. It includes a stringent and critical process for selecting the candidates. IPS is the highest rank under police service. In full we call it as Indian Police Service. The basic thing in order to enter these kind of fields, firstly a person should be fit and healthy. Because the rounds conducted are not that easy or liberal as you think. The process of selection for I.P.S cadre includes

 Firstly they’ll be an entrance test for the candidate called Civil service exam (Union Public Service Commission). Yearly, some lakhs of people compete for this exam to secure and go to other level or qualify for other round. They are 3 rounds like Preliminary round, Main exam and finally a personal interview round. Based on the performance and cut-offs as concerned, the board or the authority selects the candidate.

 Preliminary round includes a set of two subject out of which one is the optional subject. A must subject is the general subject. A person should be much aware about the happenings in the country, business news, political and societal news and sports especially like awards, noble prizes etc. These are the basic things a person should prepare and remember for the exam. The whole exam is objective type questions and to be very specific, these marks are the basic criteria for going to the next round and these marks are not a merit round that will be added further.

 Secondly, the main examination where it includes various subjects general studies – two papers, two optional subjects and essay writing. The way you convey and explain is very important, its not your english or vocabulary of using hard words and making uncomfortable for the reader. Though your english is highly proficient no one selects based on your english.

 Finally, the last step is the PI round, where the candidate is totally assessed in terms of the personality, behavior, communication, awareness about the society and will power and determination to contribute something to the society. Lastly after these rounds, rank is decided and position is given as I.P.S and posted for training to a place where there is availability and need, based on the rank. 

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