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While we talk about children or older people, everyone loves to play the games in the spare time. Well, if you are searching for the fighting game, then Marvel Contest of Champions will be the better choice. With the help of this, you will be able to enjoy many amazing characters of the MARVEL. The players need to focus on the methods of obtaining the currency and Marvel Contest of Champions cheats is the best and popular way.

Mix the attacking methods

If the player is willing to improve the performance in the game then, it is important to be master the basic moves. By this, the player can defeat the opponents with ease. They will come to know about the exact way of mixing the medium and light hits along with the dodges and dashes.

Well, the players are able to create the perfect bomb by simply making the ideal combination of the medium and light attacks. In order to make the light attacks, you just need to tap on the right side of the screen. On the other hand, the string of the hits can be collected by tapping the right side several times. For making the perfect combo, the players should try first to get masters on the single attack.

How to defeat the opponent?

Defense is the major part of the game and for a proper defense; the player should have the improved character. For this, they should have enough currency, which can be obtained by using the Marvel Contest of Champions cheats.

Well, if we talk about the best method of fighting in the battle, then it is to corner the opponents. For this, make the medium attack and then the string of the hits. After this, the player should tap on the special attack icon when the bar of the special attack fills in a proper manner.

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