Homescapes – Hand-Picked Casual Game

Homescapes – Hand-Picked Casual Game

Are you looking for a game which can serve you the best gaming experience? In case the answer to your question is a yes, then I would like to introduce you homescape. It is the best game that I have ever played in my lifetime. The most loving part about this game is – unique gameplay.

The game starts with a story line. In which a couple is planning to sale their old mansion as the condition of it is getting worse with the time. The child of the couple named Austin (main character in game) does not agree with this decision as he has spent all his childhood in that particular place. Therefore he makes the decision of renovating the mansion.

More details about game

The player needs to focus on giving a complete new looks to the old mansion by doing its makeover. The individual should be showing off their designer skills in a manner by furnishing and decorating the kitchen, rooms and all the area covered in the mansion. There are thousands of designing options with the person. The variety in choices gives full freedom to the player for renovating the house in their own way.

The best part is – the player can change the design anytime they want and consequently head forward to establish the dream house. The game is completely free to play, however, it believes in serving inside purchases. In case the person doesn’t have any sort of interest in it then they can simply turn it off by going inside restriction menu.

Importance of power-ups

Until this point, it would be quite clear that how the person can renovate the house. Well, in order to avail all the designs, it is quite important to solve the puzzle. The puzzles served, in the beginning, are quite easy to solve, however, the difficulty level starts to enhance in accordance with levelling up. Well, for setting the things little easy for the person various sort of power-ups has been introduced. Using this type of power-up can help the person to easily solve the puzzles. Below we are going to cover the power-ups and the way to avail it.

1.       Bomb – the bomb power-up is capable of clearing the tiles which comes in the radius of two-square to present position.

·         Way – in order to avail it, the person has to create a combination of five tiles in the form of L.

2.       Rocket – it is helpful in clearing the complete line, does not matter that either it is vertical or horizontal.

·         Way – the player is in need of setting four tile combinations, either the line would be clearing vertically or horizontally depends upon the direction of the combination.

3.       Paper plane – it is the unique power-up that is seen vulnerable. It is used to clear four times in the cross pattern.

·         Way – the player is in need of matching four tiles within a square.

These are the three top most power-ups in the game. In case you want to set things easy for you while solving the puzzles then set the tiles in particular combination and enjoy the benefits attached to them.


It was the complete information regarding the homescape, best ever game introduced in the industry. The bright side of playing the game can be easily analyzed by giving a look at the figures of download. The Android users can download it from the play store and the app store is the option with IOS users. According to me it is worth making space for the game in your device and starts playing it with Homescapes Cheats help.

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