Guide to Mages & Farming in Mobile legends: Bang Bang

Guide to Mages & Farming in Mobile legends: Bang Bang


“Mobile Legends: Bang Bang”, “MOBA Arcade”, “Battle” – these are the words which are being echoed over the world wide web and facebook for innumerable times.

But what we all miss is a different side, an important aspect of the game – the Farming!!

Farming goes side by side along with the use of mage category of characters and their decisive role in jungle removing has an immense importance in farming of rewards and golds.


Key Techniques of Farming

Ø  Farming might be good but time is the precious element. Don’t go wasting your every important second clearing the jungle or stealing the jungle from the opponent.

Ø  Never stop killing the spawned mobs in the jungle because there where lies the real gold and reward points.

Ø  Don’t forget to bag in the Retribution spell because if you are a jungler this would be your savior in times when you will be handling mobs arising from the jungle.

Ø  Most important task of a jungler would be ganking. Ganking is defined as changing lanes or routes through clearing jungles in order to defeat the opponent hero present in that lane.

Ø  Always keep a watch at the minimap while you are busy farming.

Ø  Another important activity that a jungler should perform is the team buff.

Ø  Don’t leave any chance of taking down the turrets.

Ø  Now for a jungler, one should know the value of roaming because if the situation arises like that the minions in the bottom line are destroying the tower and no one nearby is available to defend it – the jungler should step in. This is a team game after all.

Ø  For all games from the MOBA genre map control along with advanced map, awareness is quite necessary by using Mobile Legends.


Jungle Heroes

The heroes that are really good, particularly in this aspect of the game are










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